Our mAb Mixture Approach

We think in "symphonies" of antibodies. Much as a symphony requires the sounds of multiple instruments to achieve a symphonic impression, Symphogen begins with the notion that only a multi-factorial approach can achieve solutions that mimic the successful mechanisms Mother Nature has brought to bear to fight disease.  From the conception of a project idea to the generation of a mAb mixture product ready to enter human clinical trials, we strive to understand the multiple biological challenges of a disease and to carefully select and optimize just the optimal mAb mixture product for complex therapeutic situations.

Developing mAb mixtures requires a different approach across disciplines including antibody discovery, target validation, lead selection, cell line generation manufacturing, characterization, preclinical and clinical development as well as a different set of technology solutions compared to developing monoclonal antibodies. With more than a decade of know-how and technology development behind us, Symphogen is in a unique position to build and develop high quality mAb mixture programs for its own pipeline and for partners.

Symphogen's programs are built using a combination of proprietary platforms: Symplex™, a powerful mAb discovery platform, SymSelect™, a functional lead selection platform allowing for systematic selection of optimal mAb mixtures, Sympress™, a mAb mixture manufacturing platform, and a number of proprietary antibody characterization technologies.  This suite of integrated high-throughput technology platforms has been proven across multiple cancer and infectious disease targets.