Pioneering the antibody mixture approach

Symphogen is pioneering the development of monoclonal antibody "mAb" mixtures. Since the company's foundation, we have been guided by the vision that significant improvements over existing therapies can be achieved with carefully selected, well-characterized mAb mixture products capable of simultaneously hitting multiple targets.  Symphogen's mAb mixture products comprised of two or more monoclonal antibodies provide the benefits of both exquisite specificity and diversity. Key features, which we have learned from the natural immune system, are important to an effective antibody response against disease.

Avoiding resistance

Monoclonal antibody therapies have enjoyed significant success in the treatment of cancer patients. However, only a portion of these patients benefit from the initial treatment due to primary resistance and almost all patients eventually progress due to acquired resistance. Symphogen provides a differentiated approach by developing multi-targeted mAb mixtures with novel mechanisms of action, which will translate to improved anticancer efficacy. Multi-targeted mAb mixtures address the biological complexity of tumors, and their rapid adaptation to therapy. Targeting a single signaling pathway has been shown to be insufficient to provide sustained control of most cancers. Symphogen's mAb mixture approach promises to significantly improve upon current antibody therapy and is uniquely suited to treat primary or acquired tumor resistance to mAb therapy.

Platform technologies

Symphogen's platform technologies and know-how allow a novel therapeutic strategy addressing targets on cancer cells, the tumor microenvironment, ligands and/or the immune system. These targets are critical for cancer progression, and are frequently associated with development of tumor resistance.  Symphogen has multiple programs in early development in which multi-targeting mAb mixtures are selected based on the systematic assessment of tumor biology and optimal combinations of targets to address diseases with a single product.

Symphogen's programs are built using integrated proprietary platforms: a powerful monoclonal antibody discovery platform, a functional lead selection platform allowing for systematic assessment of data to select optimal mAb mixtures, a mAb mixture manufacturing platform and a number of proprietary antibody characterization technologies. Symphogen has built significant competencies and know-how within antibody discovery, cancer biology, manufacturing, regulatory and clinical development through the development of its product candidates. This unique combination of proprietary technologies and know-how provides Symphogen with a leading position and solid understanding of what it takes to develop mAb mixture products, paving the way for our own growing pipeline and partner programs.

mAb Mixtures and Cancer