The partnership with Servier
In 2016, we announced an exclusive research, option and license agreement with Baxalta Incorporated and Baxalta GmbH, which subsequently became subsidiaries of Shire PLC, whose oncology business was acquired by Servier in 2018. Under the agreement Symphogen has granted Servier an option to obtain, upon the achievement of certain development milestones, an exclusive, worldwide license under our technology to develop, make, and commercialize antibody therapies directed at certain agreed oncology targets and pharmaceutical products containing those antibodies.

Under the agreement, total payment to date amount to DKK 1.2 billion (upfront payment in 2016). The aggregated potential payments under the Servier agreement is estimated at DKK 9 billion plus royalties on worldwide sales.

Symphogen has six immuno-oncology product candidates under development with Servier, of which three are currently in Phase 1 trials (Sym021, Sym022 and Sym023). Sym024, Sym025 and Sym026 are in discovery phase against undisclosed cancer targets.

The Phase 1 trials are the first studies to test Sym021, Sym022 and Sym023 in humans. The primary purpose of these trials is to determine if Sym021, Sym022 and Sym023 are safe and tolerable for patients with locally advanced/unresectable or metastatic solid tumor malignancies or lymphomas that are refractory to available therapy or for which no standard therapy is available.


Collaboration and license agreement with Genentech
As a validation of our ability to apply the mAb technology to disease areas outside of cancer, we entered in 2008 into a collaboration and license agreement with Genentech Inc., a member of the Roche Group, for the identification of antibody therapeutics against undisclosed infectious disease targets. Under the terms of the agreement, Genentech made an upfront payment to us as well as an equity investment in Symphogen. We are eligible for milestone payments exceeding DKK 700
million (USD >100 million) upon the successful achievement of certain research and development milestones, as well as single-digit royalties on worldwide sales.

Under the terms of the Genentech collaboration, Genentech is sponsoring the development of Sym009. Sym009 is currently in a Phase 1b clinical trial. The trial evaluates DSTA4637S, an investigational medicine containing Sym009 conjugated to an antibiotic agent, for the potential treatment of serious infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus (S.aureus) infections. This trial was initiated in July 2017 and is currently ongoing. Sym009 was originally discovered by isolating antibodies from individuals exposed to S.aureus using our patented Symplex® technology.

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