A best-in-class antibody research platform

Since our inception, we have been focused on developing and optimizing a best-in-class antibody research platform, as evi­denced by the scope and diversity of our pipeline. The platform is based on animal immunizations followed by sorting of tens of thousands of individual B-cells, which produce antibodies, from immunized animals and cloning of antibodies from each individual B-cell. Guided by next-generation sequencing, we can generate large and very diverse antibody repertoires against most targets, which is a prerequisite for our ability to identify synergistic antibody mixtures. Depending on the animal used the antibodies are either fully human or humanized. Fully human antibodies may be generated from either immunized transgenic animals or from human donors exposed to an immunogen. Humanized antibodies are derived from wild-type animals including mice and chickens; the resulting antibodies are then engineered to more closely mirror human antibodies.

How we identify synergistic mAb mixtures

Antibody mixtures can contain two or more distinct antibodies binding an individual target or multiple targets. To identify an optimal mixture, a large repertoire of monoclonal antibodies must be screened to ensure synergistic effect.

Our proprietary, functional lead selection technology (SymSelect®) can rapidly compare and rank individual mAbs and mAb mixtures in any given functional assay using any given cell type. The technology is based on a high throughput screening process of all potential permutations of hundreds of unique antibodies against the same or different targets to determine the optimal size and composition of an antibody mixture. The output is a functional ranking of individual mAbs and mAb mixtures, which allows rapid identification of synergistic mAb mixtures with superior function. Potential synergistic mixtures are then validated in dose-response experiments in vitro and later in animal models before being advanced to clinical stage.

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