Integrated approach to antibody discovery

Symplex is our fully integrated approach to antibody discovery. The productivity of our antibody discovery process is evidenced by the size and diversity of the repertoires of high-quality antibodies from multiple species that we have generated.


Symplex addresses many common challenges associated with antibody discovery, such as:

  • How to find antibodies with unique function?
  • How to find antibodies against conserved epitopes?
  • How to find antibodies against difficult targets?
  • How to secure species cross-reactivity?
  • How to get early functional data on full-length mAbs?

Symplex - an efficient platform

How can Symplex help in efficient antibody discovery:

  • It uses multiple species to overcome target conservation and lack of species cross-reactivity
  • Innovative immunization regimens ensure antibody responses against difficult targets
  • Symplex isolate entire unbiased natural immune responses, and delivers immense target specific repertoires that increase the likelihood of finding antibodies with ultra rare functional properties
  • Fully recombinant approach and full-length antibodies from start to finish enable up front functional screening of unmodified drug candidates in any isotype
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