We strive to make unique discoveries

Symphogen’s strategic priority is to commercialize our powerful research, preclinical and early development platform with the aim of establishing Symphogen as a preferred partner for the discovery and development of highly differentiated antibody therapeutics, either as combination or stand-alone therapies.

Strategic focus areas

We will fully utilize the strengths of our technology platform and productive research engine, that have already successfully delivered high quality antibodies with unique functional properties and efficiently brought them to the clinic. Our heritage of identifying and developing combination therapies positions us at the core of future cancer treatments.

We will advance our strong immuno-oncology pipeline of best or first in class antibodies, including antibodies directed at FLT3, AXL and CD40, to major value inflection points.
We continue to invest in our position as a leading antibody discovery company employing state-of-the-art technologies. We will continue to generate exciting new product candidates addressing significant diseases.
Our strategic immuno-oncology collaboration with Servier is a major focus and continues to show promising results.
Read more about Symphogen in our Annual Report 2018 (PDF)