We develop innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer and other significant diseases

Symphogen is a clinical-stage antibody oncology-focused company with a differentiated product pipeline and significant commercial opportunities. Our pre-clinical and clinical pipeline is well suited for a precision-medicine approach by addressing well-defined, biomarker-selected patient populations.

Strategic focus areas

Our current strategy is to develop innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer and other significant diseases using our unique mAb platform. Cancer is our focus while other diseases are currently pursued through partnerships. The strategic focus areas are outlined here. Our key achievements in 2017 as well as anticipated milestones in 2018 and aspirations beyond 2018 are further described in the strategy section of our Annual Report 2017.

Advance our proprietary clinical pipeline of mAb mixture product candidates towards regulatory approval and commercial launch.
Our mAb mixture platform, knowledge of cancer biology, as well as our clinical, regulatory, and manufacturing expertise, provide us with the ability to develop and advance oncology products through to commercialization.
Develop precision medicine products by focusing on biomarker-defined patient populations with significant unmet medical needs, including where expedited regulatory pathways may be available.
Since significant diversity exists in each individual cancer patient’s prognosis and response to treatment is due in part to molecular heterogeneity, identification of biomarkers can help predict clinical outcome and inform treatment selection.
Continue to leverage and invest in our mAb mixture platform to discover and develop additional product candidates, including in the fields of immuno-oncology and other disease areas.
We intend to use our antibody discovery technology platform to continue to identify new mAbs and mAb mixtures that may offer a therapeutic benefit.
Continue to selectively pursue collaborations and other partnering opportunities with leading biopharmaceutical companies.
We may consider collaborations with additional strategic partners both within and outside the field of oncology. Our ability to build collaborations is exemplified by our collaborations with Servier (immuno-oncology) and Genentech (infectious diseases).

Outlook 2018

In 2018, we expect revenue of DKK 175-200 million and operat­ing expenses of DKK 575-625 million. The activity for 2018 results in an expected net loss of DKK 400-450 million.

Anticipated milestones in 2018

In 2018, we expect to further advance Sym004 in biomarker-selected mCRC patients and continue the Phase 2a glioblastoma trial. We also expect to complete the Sym013 Phase 2a trials in epithelial tumors and continue the Phase 1b/2a Sym015 trial. We will evaluate other indications where Sym004 might confer a therapeutic benefit and in general continue identification of relevant biomarker-defined patient populations who would likely benefit from our precision medicine approach. We also anticipate to advance additional immuno-oncology targets to Phase 1a trials and our discovery and research activities will continue to seek advancing new targets to pre-clinical phase.

Read more about Symphogen in our Annual Report 2017 (PDF)