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Like many other websites, this website uses cookies. We do not share your cookie data with irrelevant third parties and we do not sell your cookie data.

Our Privacy Policy explains in detail how Symphogen collect and use information from and about your rights as a data subject. This Cookie Policy explains more about how we use cookies and your choices related hereto.


What is a “Cookie”?:

A cookie is a small piece of data that is stored on your computer or device to help websites obtain and remember certain things about you. Basically, there is two types of cookies:

  1. Session cookies: A session cookie is used and created each each time you visit our website. You are thereby granted a unique session ID. A session cookie will only last for a browser session; meaning it will start when opening the website and be deleted when you close your browser.
  2. Persistent cookie: A persistent cookie remembers your preferences or actions across a site. A persistant cookie lasts for the period of time specified in the cookie (which will vary from cookie to cookie). Consequently, a persistent cookie will not be deleted when you close your browser.


Why Cookies?:

We primarily use cookies to give you a better experience while browsing the website and also for improving the performance of the website. Moreover, we use cookies to monitor and analyze traffic on our website and to adjust our content accordingly by being able to make it more relevant for you.


Turning cookies of:

Webbrowsers allow you to block or limit the use of cookies. In most browsers you can get instructions to do so in the “Help”-section at the top menu.

However, please do note that cookies are an important part of how our website and services work. Turning cookies of, removing, rejecting, or limiting the use of them could affect the availability and functionality of our website and services.



Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously

Cookie NamePurposeExpiration Time
_gaUsed to distinguish users2 years
_gidUsed to distinguish users24 hours
_gatUsed to throttle request rate1 minute



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