Research and preclinical development

The heart of our antibody discovery platform is Symplex®, which is our proprietary PCR method for cloning all antigen specific antibodies from single sorted B cells purified from animals. Optimized procedures then allow us to express the entire repertoire of full-length antibodies and perform multiparameter screening, which include binding, epitope bin, affinity, function, immunogenicity and quality. Coupled with next generation sequencing this provides us with a six-dimensional property space for each of thousands of antigen specific antibodies from which we can select leads with optimal set of properties.

The productivity of our antibody discovery process is evidenced by the size and diversity of the repertoires of high-quality antibodies from multiple species that we have generated for our partners and internal.


Competitive timelines to IND

Symphogen has proven its ability to deliver unique antibodies on aggressive timelines as exemplified with our filing of three INDs in six months – Sym021, Sym022 and Sym023. Such an exceptional achievement is made possible by the unique way we run projects. Developability assessment is an integrated part of the lead selection process, which means that potential critical features of the lead candidates are taken into consideration very early in the development path.

Once the lead is selected, pre-clinical development is based on a solid, standardized platform where only minor adaption to the lead is typically needed, a balanced out-sourcing strategy and a cross-functionally aligned development plan, where critical path activities are staggered to minimize the overall timeline.


Our values are integral parts of how we create results