A high-performance organization

We strongly believe in teamwork and bringing passioned professionals together in a high-performance organization. We deliver a comprehensive onboarding and are committed to providing the best possible working environment including several HR-practices to guide your way and introduce you to your new workplace both professionally and socially.

At Symphogen ambitions are shared and we strive together to fulfill our goal of developing and offering superior antibody therapeutics to improve the lives of patients with cancer and other diseases with significant unmet medical needs. Our way of working and succeeding is based on teamwork because we believe, we can reach higher together.

Focus on employee motivation and engagement

We achieve success when we focus our attention on how to develop from good to great and how to stay at the top as an organization and as an individual.

Once every third year we ask everyone at Symphogen about their job satisfaction and well-being. The latest report illustrates that Symphogen has a high-quality working environment, and that the employees acknowledge this by highly appreciating the physical work environment and the psychological work climate.

The high degree of employee motivation and engagement is the core of what Symphogen is, and we believe, it is a result of our innovative scientific approach, teamwork and focus on living our core values.

APV engagement survey conducted by Health Group Oct. 2021