A dynamic team of passionate scientists and professionals

“83% of the employees feel highly or very highly motivated and engaged in their work compared to 77% in the biotech business benchmark”
APV engagement survey conducted by Health Group, October 2021

At Symphogen we are inspired by nature, led by science, and driven by people. This meaning, that we work with antibodies, the human body’s own defense mechanism, developed by nature to give us longer lives and fight diseases. And we work every day to push the boundaries of cancer treatment by applying our innovative, scientific approach to antibody combination therapy. We also strive passionately to make the discovery that can have a major impact on patients’ lives and their families.

Symphogen is fortunate to employ a dynamic team of passionate scientists and professionals committed to advancing the frontier of antibody therapeutics. We are >130 employees, where half holds a Ph.D. or master’s degree. Eight out of ten are engaged in research & development.

The line organization is supported by specialists and service functions such as quality assurance, human resources, information technology, finance, and administration

Committed to serve patient needs

As part of the Servier Group we share the vocation of being committed to serve patient needs, and through our actions, we aim for contributing to transfer a world to future generations that can ensure access to quality health care for all.

We strive to attract and retain the most qualified people and organize this highly skilled and experienced people into high performance units. Only by working closely together can we fulfill our goal of developing and offering superior mAb therapeutics to improve the lives of patients with cancer and other diseases with significant unmet medical needs.