Heidi Hansen

Senior technician

I am a Senior Technician and have worked at Symphogen since 2007. I’m doing different kind of cell-based assays to see if the antibodies we develop work on cancer cells in the intended way. In addition, we look at whether our antibodies bind to the “targets” we have chosen. It’s important for the function of the antibodies. I like that we use state-of-the art instrumentation – we have a lot of fancy instruments at Symphogen.

Symphogen is a great place to work. “Many of my colleagues have been here for a long time, and for a reason. We are very good at teamwork and encourage it to achieve our goals. My colleague’s success is also my success.”

The management at Symphogen sees the employee as a whole person, and we have a flat hierarchical structure. A lot of people actually return to Symphogen after they left for some reason. People say – it’s like coming home. In a way we are like one big family.

Three good things about Symphogen: I feel recognized, professionally appreciated, and have good fun with my colleagues.