Niels Jørgen Skartved

Senior Principal Scientist

I’m a Senior Principal Scientist and have worked at Symphogen since November 2008. I have a  Master of Science degree in human biology/immunology and have worked with therapeutic biologicals for more than 25 years.

Working at Symphogen is demanding but also stimulating. Two important motivating factors for me: 1) I really feel that my special skills are being used and recognized 2) and, there’s a team spirit, where you every day feel like you are part of a mutual goal that is developing safe and efficacious medicine.

We are an integrated group of professionals with tight interactions. Now, being owned by a large company, we still have the strength associated with a smaller agile company but can now also reach out to additional required expert knowledge and resources to make things happen.

“I love the professionalism and utilization of our research skills. A lot of people, who work here, actually say: My work is my hobby. The joy of work is an aspirational spiral that becomes a success for patients with serious diseases – that is pretty heavy.”

Three good things about Symphogen: Innovation, activation of competencies, and agile execution because we work as a team.