Wenche Rud Jørgensen

Senior Scientist

I am a Senior Scientist and educated as a pharmacist. I started in January 2021 as an analytical coordinator. In short, I make sure we have the right strategy when analyzing our antibodies.

I like the fact, that the culture is inclusive – we take care of and help one another. Because we then perform better. “There is a high degree of professionalism. A professional pride I would say. Pride in the company and in what we deliver, and all are considered a part of this.”

We prioritize social gatherings and events throughout the year – we have joint excursions, Fridays’ bar and other traditions. It does not have to be anything big, but just a chance to meet your colleagues in a different setting.

Three good things about Symphogen: I like the inclusive, familiar, and highly professional attitude. And the work environment is great – plenty of space, nice surroundings, and laboratories and also the equipment we have is top of the line.