September 15, 2011

Preclinical pharmacokinetics and safety of Sym004: a synergistic antibody mixture directed against epidermal growth factor receptor

Skartved NJ, Jacobsen HJ, Pedersen MW, Jensen PF, Sen JW, Hey A, Kragh M
Clin Cancer Res., 2011, 17:18, 5962-5972
September, 2011

Consistent manufacturing and quality control of a highly complex recombinant polyclonal antibody product for human therapeutic use.

Frandsen TP, Naested H, Rasmussen SK, Hauptig P, Wiberg FC, Rasmussen LK, Jensen AM, Persson P, Wikén M, Engström A, Jiang Y, Thorpe SJ, Förberg C, Tolstrup AB.
Biotechnol Bioeng., 2011, 108:9, 2171-2181
February, 2011

Capturing the natural diversity of the human antibody response against vaccinia virus.

Lantto J, Hansen MH, Rasmussen SK, Steinaa L, Poulsen TR, Duggan J, Dennis M, Naylor I, Easterbrook L, Bregenholt S, Haurum J, Jensen A.
J.Virology, 2011, 85:4, 1820-1833
January, 2010

Sym004: A Novel Synergistic Anti–Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Antibody Mixture with Superior Anticancer Efficacy

Pedersen MW, Jacobsen HJ, Koefoed K, Hey A, Pyke C, Haurum JS and Kragh M
Cancer Research, 2010, 70, 588-597
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